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Flex Crews was conceived as the oil price spiralled from US$100+ prices in the space of just over 2 years. This was a devastating blow to an already fragile oil and gas aviation industry, still recovering from the GFC of 2008.


It became obvious that the industry could no longer support the high cost of long-tenure union-based crews in the face of a global oil crisis. It was also obvious that the industry had to change for the long term. Two of the major helicopter companies filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the US was the restructure they "had to have". However, the restructure has largely left the legacy employment principles in place, and the industry needs a new way to do crewing. Flex Crews is the new paradigm, supporting not only offshore oil and gas, but many other aviation industries also desperate to revive generalised industry doldrums.

Conceived and managed by industry veterans, Flex Crews is able to provide good income for hard working professional crews, and ultimate flexibility for aviation operators to flex up and down with industry demand.


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