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Emergency Services encompasses Search & Rescue (SAR), Medevac and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). This industry is small compared to passenger transport operations, but it is a core requirement of the resources industry and government agencies - as such, these roles will always be there, but they are extremely competitive.


If you are currently out of work, you can place yourself in a strong position to take advantage of the fluctuating market - fill roster gaps or work between several operators. Your position with Flex Crews will be stronger than trying to do it on your own. And the great news is that you are now in control of your schedule.


Flex Crews does not partner with just any crews - we are very selective about who we partner with, and this is a core value in our brand - we only select the best to maintain our reputation in the industry, and this means more work for everyone.


The requirements in the emergency services are among the most stringent in aviation, and pilots often fly single pilot IFR - so crews with significant and direct experience in this sector, coupled with a strong reputation, you may be a good fit for Flex Crews. There is no minimum or maximum work rate (aside from regulatory/FRMS) - crews work, crews get paid.

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