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Flex Crews helps aviation operators grow with the recovering resources sector market, without the added risk of permanent employees. We believe that this will be the new paradigm in the resources sector - but this is not bad news for crews.

The good news is that with Flex Crews, crews can reposition to take advantage of the turning market and working with more than one operator offers incredible opportunities. Alternatively, crews may be in a position to selectively pick and choose less work. Flex Crews enables both ends of the spectrum.

Flex Crews does not partner with every available crew - we are very selective about who we partner with, and this is a core value in our brand - we only select the best to maintain our reputation in the industry, and this means more work for everyone.

The requirements in the resources sector are the most stringent in aviation and high calibre crews with an excellent reputation are invited to register their interest. There is no minimum or maximum work rate (aside from regulatory/FRMS) - crews work, crews get paid.

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